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You can classify big-bags globally in 6 types:

Big Bags 1

Big bags 2

1 Top open flat bottom
2 Top skirt flat bottom
3 Top fillingspout flat bottom
4 Top open bottom dischargespout
5 Top skirt bottom dischargespout
6 Top fillingspout bottom dischargespout

New Big-bags

Stocklot Big-bags

Used Big-bags


Of course for every single type there are extra options such as:

dustproof seems, coating, extra strong quality, PE liner, special closures, roundwoven big-bags, croscorner loops, formstable big-bags (Q-bags).

We are always able to make new big-bags as you wish, so that the big-bags always meet up to your requirements.

To guarantee the availibilty of the big-bags in your stock we always have specific types of new bags in several sizes in stock.

To have a look at the current stock look here