Zegel Impex B.V. Oud-Beijerland



We import new big-bags from China and Bangladesh. Because of good relations with these fabrics we can produce big-bags with the exact specifications you require. If necessary with a printing of your logo. The big-bags always will be delivered with qualitylabels so that you are guaranteed of the agreed quality.

We buy stocklots from several wholesalers/manufacturers from whole Europe.  It concerns often big-bags from overproduction, big-bags which  are released because of not meeting the severe foodrequirements. It also concerns big-bags with a wrong printing, big-bags from a bankruptcy or big-bags which has been released after a termination of clients. Of course the bags always meet up to the safetyrequirements.

If your packagingrequirements for your product allow it, this is a new big-bag against a very attractive price.

We buy used big-bags from different sectors. The food and plastic sector are the most important suppliers. There have always been harmless products in our used big-bags. The big-bags have been selected and checked by damage. The plastic liner is taken out of the big-bag often, so that a clean big-bag remains. After that we press the big-bags in bales so that they are well manageable.

Because of a long term cooperation with our suppliers we can deliver you often the same used big-bags as you have bought earlier.

As a supplement to our assortment of big-bags we also deliver PE liners to put in or around the bags to protect your product even better against external influences. We can also deliver you little PP- and PE-bags.